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Alpine Canyoneering in the Pacific Northwest

Posted by Christopher Hagedorn
Christopher Hagedorn
Owner of North American Wilderness Leadership School
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on Sunday, 17 February 2019 in Get Wild News

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Exciting news! Beginning in the summer of 2019, Get In The Wild will offer the first guided technical canyoneering adventures in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). The tours will be offered in the spectacular North Cascade Mountains near Seattle, Washington. The North Cascades offers some of the most magnificent, remote and awe-inspiring alpine landscapes in America.

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Jagged peaks, cascading waterfalls, wild and remote glaciers are a few of the beautiful landforms that comprise this amazing area. With over 300 glaciers in an area of 684,000 acres, the North Cascades is the premier destination for alpine canyoneering in North America

Get In The Wild offered it’s first canyoneering courses in the PNW in 2010. As the only local, PNW-based canyoneering company, we have spent the past twenty-three years in this amazing backcountry. We have combined knowledge, skills and experience taken from our alpine mountaineering and glacier climbing programs to create the first Alpine Canyoneering Program in America. We are excited to share this knowledge and experience as part of a newly designed Alpine Canyoneering Training Program. This program will provide the most comprehensive set of canyoneering skills designed specifically for PNW canyoneering. The program will include three separate 4-day modules including: (1) basic canyoneering skills and ropework, (2) swiftwater skills and (3) alpine skills. The 4-day program length is designed for flexibility to provide students with options tailored to their individual backgrounds and expereince.

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Over the past twenty-three years we have learned in order to safely experience the rugged and wild landscapes of the PNW, one has to be very well-rounded with a comprehensive set of wilderness skills. To visit these areas often requires skills in off-trail bushwhacking, backpacking, rock climbing, ice-climbing, canyoneering and glacier mountaineering. We have brought together skills from each of these fundamental areas in creating this exciting new Alpine Canyoneering program—the first of its kind in the PNW and North America. We are very excited to share this knowledge with intrepid, wilderness explorers who share our passion for exploring and experiencing some of the most spectacular and unexplored landscapes in Washington state and the Planet.

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