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Come and explore some of America’s most beautiful and remote wilderness areas that are beyond the beaten path. Our guided hiking tours are the perfect way to experience the exciting world of outdoor adventure, discovery and exploration. Learn about the amazing natural and cultural history of the area through fascinating stories by our knowledgeable, local guides. Discover magnificent geologic wonders and visits secret destinations that are virtually unknown. Enjoy the silence and solitude of the wild with our professional hiking guides who know the area’s unique weather, landscape, plants and wildlife.

Where We Guide

We operate in a large, six-million acre wilderness that includes the Dirty Devil/Robbers Roost Wilderness, San Rafael Swell, Henry Mountains, Goblin Valley and Capitol Reef National Park. This spectacular and extraordinary landscape was the last to be mapped in the Lower 48 and one of the very few areas where solitude is actually protected. It contains hundreds of amazing slot-canyons--many of which offer some of the best hiking on the planet.

Robbers Roost / Dirty Devil Wilderness:

In the heart of the Colorado Plateau, just southeast of Hanksville Utah, lies one of the truly undiscovered gems of North America.  The Dirty Devil River winds for over ninety miles through a labyrinth of red-rock canyons surrounded by some of the most rugged and remote wilderness landscapes of the American Southwest.  Over thousands of millennia this small desert stream has carved a wilderness paradise that has been home to an interesting variety of inhabitants.  The Fremont Indians lived in the canyons for over 800 years—from A.D. 500 to A.D. 1300.  Signs of their presence can be observed throughout the region in the form of pictograph panels, granaries and chiseled moqui steps.  More recent inhabitants include bands of outlaws from the late 1800’s—most notoriously Butch Cassidy and the Wildbunch Gang.  The maze of wild and remote canyons provided an ideal hideout for these fugitives and wild-west outlaws.

Goblin Valley State Park:

Hidden amongst the spectacular hoodos and mesas of Goblin Valley State park lies a truly fantastic canyoneering adventure. Following a short and fun scramble through the Valley of the Goblins, we enter a beautiful slot canyon that disappears into a dark and mysterious chasm in the Earth. It is here that we put on our canyoneering gear and rappel into this spectacular and awe-inspiring chamber that resembles a gothic cathedral. The Goblins Lair and Chamber of the Basalisk is truly an unforgettable canyoneering adventure and like most of our trips is suitable for the entire family.

San Rafael Swell:

The "Swell" is a 75 mile long by 40 mile wide anticline, or uplift in the Earth's surface that has eroded the surrounding terrain into a spectacular labyrinth of colorful valleys, canyons, mesas and buttes. A myriad of new places to explore are located in this wild, remote and undiscovered landscape.

Capitol Reef National Park:

For those unfamiliar with the park, it is characterized by colorful sandstone formations, cliffs, canyons, ridges, buttes and monoliths.  It’s most stunning geologic feature is a 100 mile long warp in the Earth’s crust known as the Waterpocket Fold.  This 65 million year old fold is the largest exposed monocline in the North America.  It is comprised of younger and older layers of the Earth’s crust which were folded over each other in an S-shape.  This striking geologic feature was probably caused by the same collision of continental plates that created the Rocky Mountains.  It has weathered and eroded over melinnea to expose a fascinating amalgam of brilliantly colored sandstone cliffs and canyons, gleaming white domes and contrasting layers of intricately shaped rock and sand.

Greater Canyonlands - Horseshoe Canyon:

The Horseshoe Canyon complex of Greater Canyonlands is a vast, remote, rugged and beautiful canyon system with some of the most exquisite Barrier Style rock art in the U.S.  You can spend days exploring this incredibly expansive area and the Indian rock art and artifacts hidden within its myriad of canyons.  Two notable sites--Cowboy and Walters cave--contain some of the richest and oldest paleontological remains on the Colorado Plateau.

Half-Day, Full-Day and Multi-Day options  available.

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