An out of this world event deserves a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

An annular solar eclipse, nicknamed the “Ring of Fire” is headed straight for Southern Utah this October 14, 2023. During an annular eclipse, the moon passes between the Sun and Earth and blocks out all but an outer ring of the Sun which results in a spectacular glowing ring of fire around the moon.

Journey with us to an awe-inspiring wilderness destination located in the direct path of the annular solar eclipse in Southern Utah where the views are astronomical. While the anticipation builds for the annular solar eclipse, enjoy delicious, celestially themed snacks accompanied by entertaining stories from your guide. Before you know it, the main event will arrive high above the wild and majestic canyons and we will soak up the totality of it together.

This experience is intimately sized with a maximum of 10 guests and 2 guides. Enjoy two nights of upscale accommodations, a guided viewing experience and celestial snacks. Don’t worry about where you’ll rest your head at night. Although all accommodations in town are sold out, we have a luxury cabin reserved just for you.

For those seeking more adventure, an optional and epic beginner- and family-friendly canyoneering adventure can be added on Saturday or Sunday.

Annular Solar Eclipse Private Viewing Party Includes:

☀️ Two nights of accommodations at Duke’s Slickrock Luxury Cabins (Friday and Saturday nights)

☀️ One private viewing party in a stunning, wilderness location near Hanksville, Utah

☀️ Celestially themed snacks and beverages

☀️ Solar eclipse glasses

This annular solar eclipse viewing party is conveniently located to Hanksville, Utah, Goblin Valley State Park, Capitol Reef National Park and Moab, Utah.

An out of this world event deserves a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Optional Classic Slot Canyoneering Adventure Add-On Includes:

☀️ Canyoneering Adventure Tour at one of the best canyoneering destinations in the world

☀️ Experienced and professional guides

☀️ Canyoneering equipment

☀️ Canyoneering and rappelling demonstration & practice

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