Immerse Yourself in the Raw Utahn Backcountry on Our Hiking Adventures

There is nothing more rejuvenating than getting out into nature on a hiking adventure. At Get in the Wild, we like to keep things simple and let nature speak for itself. No matter your ability level, we can put together the perfect trip to scratch your itch for the raw beauty of Utah. If you don’t have much time or experience hiking, our Half-Day Hiking Adventure(opens in a new tab) is the perfect way to get outside and get your fill of the impressive, majestic Utahn landscapes that have slowly formed over time. If you’re looking to soak in the outdoors as much as you can, you’re best suited to our Full-Day Hiking Adventure(opens in a new tab). You could also extend your hiking journey and get some good stretches in on our Capitol Reef National Park Yoga and Hiking Retreat(opens in a new tab). See the details of the tours by clicking the images below.

a hiker sitting with their backpack
a guide pointing something out to a pair of hikers
a group looking at a colorful tree while at the bottom of a canyon
a group of three near the exit of a cave

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