Experience Yoga Outdoors in the Blissful Wilderness of South Central Utah

At Get in the Wild, we strongly value both physical and mental well-being. Although we enjoy the adrenaline-packed canyoneering(opens in a new tab) in some of Utah’s best canyons, we also like to focus on practices that bring serenity to your soul. We encourage a sense of harmony with nature and our surrounding environment through practicing all yoga methods outdoors. That’s why we’ve modeled our Yoga In The Wild(opens in a new tab) retreats for all those searching for a sense of inner peace and a reconnection with nature.

On our Capitol Reef National Park Yoga and Hiking Retreat(opens in a new tab), we’ve included hiking for those interested in combining their retreat with a touch of excitement and adventure. Check out both our yoga and hiking retreats and all important information about the trips. If you’re more into meditation and you’re short for time, then Yoga Class at Goblin Valley State Park(opens in a new tab) is the one for you!

a woman doing yoga at a canyon
a woman doing yoga on a large mossy rock with 2 waterfalls in the background
a woman looking into the distance at a cliff

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