Canyoneer through the Incredible Wilderness in Unique Utah

Express Your Inner Adventurous Spirit With our Single & Multi-Day Canyoneering Adventures

If you’re searching for an exciting and adventurous hike through some of the most unique and impressive canyons in wild Utah, Get in the Wild is here to help you! We offer a large variety of canyoneering trips through one of America’s most exquisite wilderness areas. Discover a vast and extraordinary landscape of sweeping slickrock, beautifully sculpted sandstone cliffs and narrow twisting canyons. Whether it be single-day or multi-day expeditions, we promise to take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Our certified guides will introduce you to some of the best canyoneering in the area with top-quality equipment to ensure a safe and smooth journey through nature’s secluded gems. The remoteness of the area and its lack of proximity with our modern world lets us reconnect with nature’s basic elements. If you’re experiencing one of our trips for the first time, the beauty of the adventure will leave you changed forever.

Explore our pre-planned trips, like the Half-Day Goblin’s Lair Canyoneering Adventure(opens in a new tab) or the ever-enticing Half-Day Occulus Canyoneering Adventure(opens in a new tab). If you’ve already got experience in the field and are looking for an adventure tailored to you and your group, our Classic Slot Canyoneering Adventure(opens in a new tab) will be the experience of a lifetime. Once you book one of our half-day or full-day adventures, we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs and customize your tour — our expert guides are more than happy to share their tips and tricks.

someone at the bottom of a canyon holding a rope steady
a man with canyoneering gear posing for a photo with his children
a guide making his way through a thin canyon while staying above the water at the bottom
someone hanging on to a rope in mid air
someone at the bottom of a canyon looking up

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