A Variety of Photography Courses Focusing on the Originality of Utah

Combine Canyoneering with Photography and Enjoy the Best Hiking and Canyoneering in the Area

At Get in the Wild, we like to portray the intrinsic beauty of the area, and there’s no better way to do that than by getting out your camera. Learn all the technical details related to landscape photography and capture the perfect pictures of this truly stunning place. We also offer special night courses that teach you how to snap shots of one of the most beautiful horizons in the world.

The red rocks and unique carvations will direct your lens to new dimensions. Our artistic and savvy guides will make sure you master the right techniques to immerse yourself in captivating some of the wildest viewpoints in the US. Our classes include a Canyon Photography Workshop(opens in a new tab) for you to combine your love of scrambling your way through canyons and getting the best shots of the unique, curving red rocks. We also offer a Sunrise/Sunset Photography Tour(opens in a new tab), so you can learn how to properly shoot that memorable sunset portrait. There’s certainly something for everyone, so don’t hesitate to contact us(opens in a new tab) for more information.

sun set over canyon lands
a group of hikers walking up a large rock

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