5 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Book a Trip to Utah Immediately

TripAdvisor Blog | October 2016

Get in the Wild was highlighted as one of the 5 reasons why you’ll want to book a trip to Utah immediately.

Utah Is Stunning and This Guide Proves It

Darling Magazine | October 2016

As part of a FAM Tour for the Utah Office of Tourism, writer Melissa Curtin highlights her epic adventure to the Goblin’s Lair.

Peaceful Retreats

Newsweek Magazine | August 2016

Newsweek Special Edition featured Yoga In The Wild as a program that offers yoga practitioners of all levels the chance to breathe new life into their poses.

“As relaxing as yoga can be, it’s not uncommon for even the most zen-centered practitioners to need an escape from their regular routine. Between crowded studios and cramped apartments, those who practice yoga are often hard-pressed to find a spacious environment that truly yields the peaceful experience they seek. But thanks to yoga retreats such as the Yoga In The Wild program offered by Get in the Wild Adventures, yogis and yoginis from all across the globe can stretch out in serene surroundings like Goblin Valley State Park in Southern Utah.”

7 Adventurous Yoga Retreats

Fodor’s Travel | August 2016

Yoga In The Wild was highlighted as one of America’s 7 adventurous yoga retreats.

Treat Yourself: 8 Exotic Yoga Retreats Worth The Investment

W Magazine | June 2016

This year, forget a typical beach vacation or European urban excursion and opt for one of these exotic yoga retreats around the globe in favor of total body wellness. In celebration of International Yoga Day, here are eight yoga retreats for every type of traveling yogi.

Raft In The Desert

Wall Street Journal | June 2016

Get in the Wild’s Green River kayak and SUP tours were highlighted as a wilderness adventure through a spectacular landscape that offers total and complete solitude for guests.

11 Affordable Yoga Retreats

Yoga Journal | February 2016

Think there’s no way you can swing a luxe yoga getaway? Then you haven’t seen these retreats. We did the research and found 11 trips that will cost you $250 per day — or a lot less. Stop dreaming and start booking your yoga vacation to Utah’s Red Rocks.

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