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If you’re looking for a new and unforgettable outdoor experience this summer, swiftwater canyoneering in Washington State is your answer. The winding rivers, waterfalls, and lush green canyons of the Pacific Northwest provide the perfect environment for this exciting new expansion upon the sport of canyoneering.(opens in a new tab)

While swiftwater canyoneering has been popular in European and South American countries for a while, known locally in these countries as “canyoning”, it is a newer sport to the Pacific Northwest in the United States. The sport is similar to canyoneering in a desert region like Southern Utah, but instead of rappelling into dry canyons you are rappelling down waterfalls into canyons with moving water. This adds yet another fun layer of excitement and adventure.

A canyoneer enjoys the adrenaline rush of a waterfall rappel

There are no words to adequately describe the thrill of rappelling under a waterfall for the first time. You feel the adrenaline rushing through your body as you approach the start of the rappel. You take a deep breath of fresh mountain air, start to cautiously move your feet down the solid rock wall, and feel the gentle spray of water on your skin transition to what feels like a bottomless bucket of water dumping over you from the waterfall above. The fear shifts to laughter as you become fully present in the moment and enjoy the wonder of it all. Before you know it, you touch down at the bottom of the rappel, heart still racing from the thrill of it all and full of gratitude that you embarked on this unique adventure.


Get In The Wild founder Christopher Hagedorn on an alpine mountaineering expedition in the North Cascades.

Passion and Expertise Bring a New Sport to the Pacific Northwest

Get In The Wild Adventures is the first outfitter to provide swiftwater canyoneering courses and expert-led guided trips in Washington State. The company provides swiftwater canyoning tours in Washington and slot canyon tours in Southern Utah. With a focus on the two top canyoneering locations in the country, the company was in fact first born in the North Cascades in 2010.

Long before starting his business, Get In The Wild Adventures founder, Christopher Hagedorn discovered a passion for alpine climbing and mountaineering. His adventures often left him looking down at the valleys below and yearning to explore the terrain and hidden secrets kept there. This led Christopher to recognize early on that Washington’s diverse and rugged landscape was full of untapped opportunities for outdoor adventure.

Christopher wanted to create opportunities for people to explore these off the beaten path wilderness areas, and that’s where the idea for his business began. “We’re the first and only commercial canyoneering guide company in the Pacific Northwest,” said Christopher, “it’s been fun to be on the forefront of this exciting new outdoor adventure sport.”

Canyoneers enjoying a guided swiftwater canyoneering tour in the North Cascades

Experience Swiftwater Canyoneering in Washington State

Washington’s North Cascade Mountains draw adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts year-round from all over the world. This isn’t at all surprising, because the flowing rivers, steep mountains, and remote glaciers create one of the most beautiful alpine regions in the world.

Whether you are a local or visitor to Washington State, a guided tour is an exciting way to experience the Pacific Northwest landscape up close. Get In The Wild offers a fully customizable, full-day canyoneering tour conveniently located near Seattle with space for up to six people per group.

The location and difficulty level can be adjusted to fit the interests and goals of the group, ensuring an enjoyable and educational experience for everyone. “We have explored this amazing area for over 25 years and know the best places to take people,” said Christopher. “One nice thing about having so many routes available to us is we can match the interest with each individual group and their capabilities.”

This tour is available during a limited window in the mid summer through early fall (June – September) when water flows are ideal. Booking your spot early is advised.

Learn more and book this Washington swiftwater canyoneering experience in the North Cascades today.

Students learn a guided rappel in an advanced swiftwater canyoneering course

Become Your Own Guide With a Swiftwater Canyoneering Course

If you’re a Seattle area local or frequent visitor to the area and you’ve fallen in love with the sport, Get In The Wild offers several canyoneering courses to prepare you to head out on your own.

Washington canyons can present challenging terrain for any skill level. Responsibility as an outdoor adventure enthusiast includes ensuring you have the education and tools you need to stay, and keep others safe while you’re out in the wild. There are canyoning courses specific to Pacific Northwest canyoning available to all skill levels.

Introduction to Swiftwater Canyoneering Course

The introduction course is perfect if you are new to the sport, but know you want to dig in deeper than you would on a guided tour. In this 4-day course you’ll get the specific skills you need to safely navigate canyons with running water, waterfalls, and hydraulics.

Learn more and book this Washington swiftwater canyoneering course in the North Cascades today.

Advanced Swiftwater Canyoneering Course

The advanced swiftwater canyoneering course is for experienced canyoneers looking to take their canyoneering skills to the next level. The goal of this course is to not only refresh your swiftwater canyoning skills, but to provide you with skills to be an effective team member and leader to promote safety and confidence in a group canyoneering setting.

Learn more and book this swiftwater canyoneering course today.

Climbing team gaining elevation on a North Cascade summit

Experience Washington’s Wild Side 

Get In The Wild can provide the expertise so you can get up close with some of the most beautiful alpine terrain in the United States. You’ll learn about the geology and history of the area, while having an unforgettable experience in the North Cascades. 

Learn more about guided tours and courses offered by Get In The Wild. 

Contact us for additional details.

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