Discover Breathtaking Canyoneering Adventures in the Natural Beauty of Washington

Trek through the Verdant, Rugged North Cascades

Washington is quickly becoming known in the wild world of canyoneering. Nothing can match the exhilaration you experience as you rappel underneath a waterfall and enjoy the smell of evergreen all around you. We’re excited to offer a canyoneering adventure through the North Cascades that offers a natural obstacle courses, full of unique and fun challenges, like hiking, scrambling, wading, swimming and rappelling. Don’t let the challenge deter you! With the support and guidance of one of our professional guides, canyoneering is an adventure for the whole family.

Armed with top quality equipment, you’re sure to have a safe and smooth journey through nature’s secluded gems. Relish the remoteness of the area and escape our modern world to truly reconnect with nature and her raw beauty.

someone making their way across a pool at the bottom of a waterfall

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