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Goblin Valley State Park is a lesser known must-see destination when visiting Utah. Conveniently located near three of Utah’s National Parks (Arches, Capitol Reef, and Canyonlands), and about 30 minutes north of Hanksville, this Utah State Park features unique scenery that you won’t find anywhere else as well as a variety of things to do for all ages.

5 Things To Do In Goblin Valley State Park 

Utah’s National Park’s draw a lot of global attention, but the state parks here are just as incredible. Goblin Valley State Park in particular features hoodoos, or “goblins,” that make it geographically distinct from anywhere else. These geologic features also make it a fun place to hike and explore, along with other year-round outdoor activities that Utah visitors and locals won’t want to miss out on.

Milky Way at Goblin Valley State Park
  1. Stargaze While Camping

Goblin Valley State Park is a certified International Dark Sky Park. This means the area has limited light pollution, making it ideal for stargazing before you drift off to sleep at night or while sitting around the fire (restrictions permitting – don’t forget to check those first during your stay) with your friends. During certain times of the year, state park rangers sometimes even lead night hikes through the park.

There are individual and group camping sites available inside Goblin Valley State Park. Two yurts are also available, with space for up to five guests in each. You can easily book campsites and the yurts through Utah State Parks. This is an excellent option if you want ample time to enjoy the area and the activities available within the park.

Woman Watching a Rappeller in Goblin's Lair at Goblin Valley State Park
  1. Explore on a Canyoneering Adventure

Canyoneering offers a one-of-a-kind way to explore the wind and water carved hoodoos that populate the landscape here. Get In The Wild Adventures specifically offers a half-day canyoneering adventure through Goblin’s Lair inside Goblin Valley State Park. This adventure is perfect for beginners and experienced individuals alike.

Goblin’s Lair, also referred to locally as the Chamber of the Basilisk, is a sandstone cave within the park. During your half-day adventure you will get to experience the thrill of safely rappelling 90-feet into the lair, with expert guidance. You’ll also get to explore the area with your expert guide, getting a one-of-a-kind experience in this unique environment.

Couple Mountain Biking at Goblin Valley State Park
  1. Take in Views From the Mountain Biking Trails 

There are over seven miles of mountain biking trails within the park. This is a somewhat new feature and part of the Wild Horse Canyon Bike System. The trail system isn’t meant to be a challenging one, but rather to encourage visitors to explore the park in a new way. Most of the trails lead to overlooks, where you can take in and truly appreciate the beauty of Goblin Valley State Park.

Person Hiking in Goblin Valley State Park
  1. Roam the Terrain on Foot

Some of the world’s largest hoodoos (“goblins”) are found inside Goblin Valley State Park. This makes them one of the main features here. Get out for a long walk or a hike to see it all up close.

Some of the popular hiking trails throughout the park include, Entrada Canyon, Little Wild Horse Canyon, Three Sisters, and Carmel Canyon Loop Trail. Each of these trails are suited for different experience levels, providing something ideal for everyone.

Capitol Reef National Park
  1. Visit Nearby National Parks 

Staying at Goblin Valley offers the benefit of often being less crowded than the national parks, while still providing the option to visit them on day excursions. Capitol Reef National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Arches National Park are all within driving distance of Goblin Valley State Park.

If you want some additional one-of-a-kind experiences in the area, Get In The Wild Adventures offers other canyoneering adventures, hiking trips and even multi-day excursions through more wild parts of the area. These are all excellent ways to experience the not so often visited and mostly untouched pieces of the Utah desert landscape up close.

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