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Top Five Things To Do In Hanksville, Utah

Visiting Hanksville, Utah will take you through some of the most unique landscapes found in Utah and the United States at large. This town is small – home to just a little over 200 people, but the area offers plenty to do for Utah locals and visitors alike.

Conveniently located near popular destinations including the San Rafael Swell and Goblin Valley State Park, there is plenty to do here if you enjoy the outdoors. Hanksville, Utah can be reached via Routes 24 and 95, increasing accessibility, while still maintaining a status as a more obscure destination.

If you love the desert and one-of-a-kind experiences, then you definitely won’t want to miss out on these exciting travel opportunities in Hanksville.

Carl's Critter Garden Hanksville Utah

1. Soak Up The Local Stories of Hanksville, Utah:

The landscape itself might be the main draw to the Hanksville, Utah area, but the local businesses really give this town it’s character. Hollow Mountain Gas Station is a must-stop. This gas station, located in a mountainside, was built in 1984, making it an in town monument. Along with gas and convenience items, you will find a great selection of books on the biology, geography, and history of the area here as well. Swing by Stan’s Burger Shak to refresh after a day on the trails or take a breather between excursions at Carl’s Critter Garden to see a unique take on art sculptures made out of recycled materials in an outdoor environment. Be sure to check out Wolverton Mill, an historic, wooden mill built on the dreams of gold prospectors and relocated from the Henry Mountains to the local Bureau of Land Management Field Station.

Hiking Dirty Devil Wilderness Near Hanksville Utah

2. Hiking:

The landscape near and surrounding Hanksville is geographically distinct and for sure the highlight here. One of the best ways to experience it is up close and on foot. There are hiking trails closer to Hanksville, Utah, including in the Henry Mountains and Little Wild Horse Canyon that you can head out and explore. If you want a more in-depth experience guided by an expert, Get In The Wild Adventures offers a variety of half- and full-day hiking tours nearby as well. Be sure to check trails for difficulty level and pick something you are comfortable with before you head out.

Canyoneering in Southern Utah

3. Canyoneering:

If you love the adventurous spirit that hiking brings to exploring a new area, then you’ll love seeing Hanksville, Utah up close through a canyoneering tour. You won’t only get to traverse the trails by foot, you’ll get to head directly into and explore the canyons as well. Beginner- and family-friendly half- and full-day canyoneering excursions through Get In The Wild Adventures offer a professional guide for safety and expertise, so you can focus completely on having a great time.

Hanksville Tours Off Road

4. Off-Roading:

Explore Swing Arm City, the San Rafael Swell and Robber’s Roost areas near Hanksville, Utah on an ATV or UTV. You can rent ATVs and UTVs directly in town and head out to traverse on your own. If you’d prefer a guide, there are tour options available as well. Guided tours range in length from one hour to a half-day. Either way, you’ll get to see the area around Hanksville in a fun new way.

Goblin Valley State Park Hike

5. Visit The Parks:

When you’re staying in Hanksville, Utah, you’ll want to take some time to stop by at least one of the nearby parks. Goblin Valley State Park features some of the most unusual geographic formations in the area. Canyonlands National Park  and Capitol Reef National Park are other great nearby options. While Hanksville itself has plenty to offer, the close proximity to these parks makes it the perfect vacation destination for desert and adventure lovers.

Whether you are passing through or staying for an extended period, Hanksville offers all of the outdoor recreation Utah is well known for. In addition you’ll get to experience other-worldly landscapes that you can’t find anywhere else in Utah. If you’re looking for additional tips on visiting the area or want to book a guided experience with an expert, Get In The Wild Adventures is an excellent resource for visiting Hanksville, Utah.

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