Immerse Yourself In The Captivating Canyons of Utah and Majestic Mountains of Washington

Outdoor Adventures For All Levels And Interests

Here at Get in the Wild, we feel most at home when we are outside, exploring the unique and breathtaking landscapes of Utah and Washington. What’s more, we’re passionate about sharing the great outdoors with you from all angles — that’s why we offer canyoneering adventures in both Utah(opens in a new tab) and Washington(opens in a new tab), guided hiking trips(opens in a new tab), yoga retreats(opens in a new tab), mountaineering expeditions(opens in a new tab), and even multi-day trips for the most adventurous guests.

Whether we’re scrambling through the red rock canyons of Utah(opens in a new tab) and admiring how time has shaped their graceful curves or feeling the Washington wind(opens in a new tab) on our faces and enjoying the fragrance of pine all around us, we have a trip for everyone, guaranteed. Our expert, friendly guides are here to help you along with whatever outdoor adventure you’re looking to create. If it’s your first time traveling with us, we guarantee that you’ll be awestruck by the beauty of the wildernesses that we visit — and you’ll be changed forever.